Scooter Classic



There are many Lambretta clubs all around the world made for dedicated fans to share their passions for Lambretta scooter. Lambretta has been fascinating the scooter enthusiasts with its class, fashion and speed. Since the birth of the first lambretta scooter enthusiasts have been setting up different clubs for over 50 years.

In the online-clubs, you can easily find yourself indulged into the Lambretta world. They offer not only Gallery, Workshop, Online store, Activities, Videos, but also Scooter Restorations, remodeling, Events, tournaments, Technical Guide and Life style. Not matter whether you are a Lambretta Experts or not, they are always the nice spots where you either want to tickle off some leisure time, or you seriously look for specific information about Lambretta Scooter.

Here you can find links to Lambretta clubs.


Australia  : The Lambretta Club of Australia

Austria : Lambretta Club Austria

Belgium : Lambretta Club Belgium

France : Lambretta Club France

Germany : Lambretta Club Deutschland

Holland : Lambretta Club NederlandAmsterdam Lambretta Club

Indonesia : Lambretta Club Indonesia

Ireland : Lambretta Club of Ireland

Italy : Lambretta club d´italiaAbruzzoApuliaBasilicata

Poland : Lambretta Club Polska

Portugal : Lambretta Clube de PortugalLambretta Camilo Lopes

Spain : Club Lambretta de Españaa

Sweden : Lambretta Club StockholmLambretta Club SverigeLambretta Club Malmö

Switzerland  :  Swiss Lambretta Club

United Kingdom : Lambretta Club Great BritainLambretta Club Scotland

United States : Lamretta Club Southern CaliforniaLambretta Club USA



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